Saturday, April 27, 2013

28 Lingering Fragrances of 2012

 But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. 2 Corinthains 2:14

Since we are far far past the date of this sort of entry being respectable, I'll limit myself to one sentence an item. For posterity's sad sad sake. Here are the experiences from the arts I'll keep with me hopefully in perpetuity (or at least, remember them when I look back upon this blog entry. 

28) Cloud Atlas novel and film
novel by David Mitchell
film directed by the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer 
At least they tried dammit... at least they did that.

27) Hanna film
directed by Joe Wright
There was a magical flare to the film that I can't quite put my descriptor-finger on.

26) Breakfast of Champions novel
by Kurt Vonnegut
The interaction of the author with his fictional characters brought out the champion in me!

25) American Psycho novel
by Brett Easton Ellis 
The book starts out with the quote from The Divine Comedy, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." I should have listened.

24) Nantes song
by Beirut
The song's cascading chorus played on repeat is my personal Bolero.

23) Prometheus film
directed by Ridley Scott
This was Lovecraftian philosophy played out as an interstellar, bloody opera. I loved it. 

22) The Hunter film
directed by Daniel Nettheim
The whole film was worth the one, existentially mutilating shot in the 3rd act. 

21) Christmas Unicorn song
by Sufjan Stevens
All the madness of Christmas; the tradition, commercialism, Christ-centeredness, familialness, etc wrapped into one bombastic Sufjan song. Joy to the World!!!
Free Download here!!>>

20) Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell novel
by Susanna Clarke
They're magicians, but they're cultured too!

19) Double Rainbow Song song
A man needs to be awed once and awhile.

18) Logical Insanity on Hardcore History podcast
by Dan Carlin
"History is the autobiography of a madman."
Free download here>>

17) Blood Meridian novel
by Cormac McCarthy
90% of the book left me confused, but then the focus pulls in on our mysterious "Judge" who relishes his role as war incarnate. 

16) Moneyball film
directed by Bennett Miller
An underdog story, giving even the weariest of small market baseball fans, such as my own masochistic Padres love, hope. 

15) Scrubs tv show
created by Bill Lawrence
I was reticent to dip into the lengthy series with Danae, but when I did, I discovered a wealth of highly communicative, intriguing characters lodged in Sacred Heart hospital.

14) The Mind of Bobby Fischer person
Seize the game. 
Read my rantings about the crazy genius here:

13) The Silmarillion novel
by J.R.R. Tolkien
I never had any interest in mythology until Mr. Tolkien awakened a hope within me >> that all myth comes from a common, truthful ancestry. 

12) The Works of Andrew Kevin Walker person
We all have our own unique gifts:

11) Les Miserables film
directed by Tom Hooper
My musical obsession as a child made its way onto the screen only to moderately disappoint me. It did, nevertheless, remind me and silence me into recalling how desperately we all hunger for redemption.

10) Community tv show
created by Dan Harmon
I became a fanboy of the show in 2012, releasing a childlike wonder wherein I come to believe that anything is possible when sitting at seven-seated table. 

9) The Broom of the System novel
by David Foster Wallace
One way to revenge your fate is to eat the world entire. Yes, eat.

8) Take Shelter film
directed by Jeff Nichols
Now that I'm married the prospect of mental illness as a vehicle towards transcendence appears more haunting than thrilling.

7) A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius novel/autobiography
by Dave Eggers
Despite the title, I didn't see the ending monologue coming. Color me bushwhacked.

6) Wrath of the Khans on Hardcore History podcast
by Dan Carlin
The story of the little Steppe people that could... conquer the world. 
Download the series for free here>>

5) Leonard Cohen R.I.P. song
by Richard McGraw
So poignant. So soft. So dramatic. Richard plays the existential, religious angst like no one else. 
Free download of the song!! >>

4) Chronicles of Narnia novel series
by C.S. Lewis
Aslan is still perhaps the fullest embodiment of God ever realized.

3) The Grey film
directed by Joe Carnahan
The horror in place here is unescapable, because it's life's horrific reality as the clock ticks. 

2) Watership Down novel
by Richard Adams
I am a full grown man that had to work desperately hard to suppress emotion when those damnable rabbits fade into death at the end of their time. 

1) The Crusades reality, yo!
by life, yo!
2012 was a historic year in my life. It represented a tremendous establishment of the greatest ebenezer I could ever hope to attain of proof of God's love (aside from salvation itself) in the form of my bride. It also was the year that history became something of an obsession for me. That rabbit hole goes so deep. There are great mysteries of awe trapped in time gone by... and the crusades was a great initiation into that hole. 

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  1. What a lovely list... and what a lovely privilege to share some of these fragrances with you. A person to share joy with-- wow! Isn't it glorious, my love!