The Revengers: Trading Card Exclusive!

"Gotta Catch 'em all -- Gotta catch 'em all!"

Get 'em all here! Your very own Revengers trading cards! Print 'em and trade 'em all!

Revenger 1: The First Revenger: oedipus rexy Alan Strang, is the very definition of perturbed artist. The character, of course, comes from the Peter Shaffer play which was then in turn made into the 1977 feature film Equus directed by Sidney Lumet. Alan is a young man driven, passionate, quick to anger outbursts, and most importantly, profoundly confused and frustrated by the world around him. On the one hand, he's a great pick for the Hulk's doppelganger, in that his debilitating confusion drove him to madly gouge the lifeforce out of the eyes of a gaggle of horse. Yet on the other, Strang's propensity to believe in something so intimately that he is carried away to flights beyond fancy make metaphysical soup out of Tony Stark's tepidity towards gestaltian revolution. Stark would drown in a moment under Strang's intensive stare. The Strang-Stark stare down will be one for the angels indeed.

REVENGER 2: No revenge is as sweet as the ravages of nature, hoo-rah! Ol' Balthazar represents all the silent suffering of the world. He's the patron saint of victimization. Resist pity and you'll feel your heart blacken that very instant. Allow yourself the freedom to pity, and you'll soon be of no use to anyone. You'll find yourself covered in the salt of your bitter tears. You know you sin. It's your fault.

REVENGER 3: This one's personal. One may be confused why I include the villain in my ragtag team of undefeatables, waging holy war upon the hides of the ever effervescent Avengers -- the secret to the very war itself lies in the cause of Loki's selection. Yes yes yes, Loki has been bandied around as the god of mischief and menial demonry, and from time to time he's even been upgraded to god of evil, but let's just take a moment and look at this cat, shall we? Loki, who is he? He's the adopted brother of Thor who is ravaged with jealousy and wants power. Yeah, okay, generally speaking, that's bad. BUT! Gentle audience, we know what Loki wants. He is a dude free of hypocrisy. He does not hide his goal, he does not veil is vigor for domination. Who among the Avengers can say that? Plus, he gave some sort of crazy deep blue knowledge to people with his tesseracty blue staff. The general conception is that he is poisoning the mind, but how do we know that? All we know is that S.H.I.E.L.D. wants the blue stuff to make weapons... Loki wants to open up our minds (at the small cost of us worshiping him, but ya know, ya gotta serve somebody). Loki's here as our patron saint of revealed, straightforward will.

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  1. I like what you say about Loki and I agree but you got the quote should be no more virtuous not no less.