Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Social Media... A4

During her ‘silent period’ Marilynn Cash spent six months in a Danish mental health institution for the criminally insane. Her psychologist, Dr. Bosch gave her a computer on March 1st. The computer stayed in Miss Cash’s possession for thirteen minutes. In that span of time she created an account on a social media website, and quickly wrote 28 messages.

The text has been translated from Danish into English and have been numbered for the reader’s convenience.


1: To my dear daughter, Marta: stay warm.

2: Be at peace, if you can. Try not to be curious.

3: I don’t know what will happen to me now. I didn’t do it.

4: I have gone undone for so long.

5: I don’t have faith that I can be put back together again.

6: If I could see you now, if I could talk to you, I would say.

7: Never let go. The real kind. Things can still change.

8: I have no hope.

9: I have so much. Hope.

10: (unintelligible sequence of letters)

11: I would never lie to you.

12: (unintelligible)

13: Hope for no more progress, here or there, but especially there. 

14: We’ve come so far, but you have so much farther to go. 

15: Don’t forget about the past, but don’t look too closely at it either.

16: The answers to the secrets are too sunny.

17: Sun and light and brightness. I am scared.

18: I wished for all things. You must wish for less.

19: Help alleviate.

20: Go in, but not so far as I did.

21: And don’t help something you can’t understand. Which is everything.
22: The light is so bright. I am afraid. 

23: If I speak, that’s where the fear comes from.

24: Out of words comes forth creation.

25: Can you understand that?

26: (unintelligible)

27: (unintelligible)

28: (unintelligible) …Summer is coming… (unintelligible)

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