Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daughter... A6

---A Letter won in auction by Jafar Pahil's estate, but stolen in transit and released online---

I pity you, I really do. And I love you, I really do.

I pity you because you, for some reason, cannot see yet what stood before you. I envy your experience; your proximity to the things that have already come to pass in that place.

I am to be an Observer. I have chosen that side. Do not fear, do not be worried. There is redemption there.

I know that it was Williams that you believed in, and when he lost faith, so did you. But don’t you see? Just because he was the creator does not make him almighty? He was flawed and created the 6 with his own dna. Their search for liberation can also be ours. Though they were born under DESPAIR, they have worked to mine out redemption for themselves and their people. Can you not yet see the beauty?

I believe Thump is wrong. Well, he is right also, but mostly he is wrong. He was the first born, and so carries with him the most of Williams. That’s why H.P. loved him most, you see? We tend to fall in love with those who most exactly resemble our own reflection.

I am certain there is real progress being made there! Not here. Not in the hard world. We can go no further on this earth. The scholars are correct, this is evolution’s course. This is our way to ascension!

I plead with you, Oh mother, come back to us! Don’t let Williams’ fate be your own.

I swear to you, there is so much too see yet! Everyday it grows. Next month a whole new room will be opened! Can you believe it? The anticipation overwhelms me. My blood races. How erotic it all is! It’s so fulfilling, so encapsulating… it doesn’t feel the same way there --- that feeling I have on this side, that partial emptiness, an inward groaning --- it’s gone there. It vanishes! Didn’t you experience it?

I am going there now. I pray someday I’ll meet you again in that place. There are many mansions waiting for you, Mother, if only you’d care to look.

I have much hope for you yet,