Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parenting... A5


To my son,

Because I don’t know if the truth is there or not.

Because I am not myself wise.

Because I don’t know what answer to give you.

Because I am aging rapidly.

Because I am finite.

I have worked zealously to provide for you a history of the events that began in America and spread throughout the known world. You will, sooner or later, intimately come to know of the need to choose between this earth and that one. You will have to choose between being human and being an Observer. Our people, our heritage, believe it is against God’s will to live out our breath as one of them. I want you to know, as best as can be understood, the linear sequence of events that have led us to this moment in God's time.

I have never gone in there. I have never been an Observer. One cannot be of both worlds, so I have chosen, for your sake, to stay in this realm, the realm we are born into, so that you can know how all things stand from this starting position.

I will never be an Observer. Your mother was never one.

After reading these proceeding pages of history, I grant you the freedom to choose as you so desire. 


Your loving Father,

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