Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I bought a copy of Schindler's List several years ago. I did so out of a sense of duty, much in the same way I felt compelled to own a 9/11/01 documentary. I watched the film once in high school, and haven't done so since.  It's just too darn hard to get myself energized to inflict such sorrow on my soul.  Nevertheless, in the last few years I have read much about the 'Hollywood ending', and its supposed tearjerk pull.

---Rushing the memory banks now---

Remember, Oskar Schindler must escape the country. The people he save come to offer their thanks. They give him gold. They make sure he has transport out of the country. Schindler looks at his car, his gold pin, everything. He sobs. Why does Schlinder, who did so much to save lives in a country hellbent on destruction, weep? Because he could have done more. He looks at his car. Eight lives. His gold pin. Two more lives.

Those who view this scene as cheesy melodrama aren't understanding the cost of our lives on earth.

Righteous Job, the man who God allowed Satan to torment, cries out for nearly forty pages to be put on trial... to have justice served. Then, when God does appear, all Job can manage to do is fall down and seek forgiveness from the God of the Behemoth and Leviathan.

We do too little. We fail to see life as it is. There is so little that actually matters. So little of what we do will remain with us.

If you embrace the story of the God of the Bible being King, being Creator, being Christ Jesus, then I see our lives as having two purposes.

1) To Worship God.
2) To make Him known.

When I die, I will look at the moments of my life, and sob.

Life has a purpose. Why do I act like it doesn't?  There is so much bullshit in our lives. We fill our time with little inconsequentials. And then it's over. We get transported out of Germany.

It is good to be reminded of such things.

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