Friday, June 11, 2010

In Haste: Collapse

Someday, Michael Ruppert will be proven right.  Every way that I inspect it, it does appear that on the day that Ruppert can claim prophetic victory, the world will experience it's first gamechanger since maybe the industrial revolution. 

The idea is simple:

1) The world is dependent on oil.
2) There is a finite amount of oil in the earth.
3) Therefore, someday the oil will run out, 
and that which we are dependent on will be no more.

The big ? is when.  No one knows.  

This documentary turns its cards in a predictable manner.  From the trailer alone, we know we're here to listen in on end-of-the-world conspiracies.  And Collapse offers us just that -- and does so with lots of evidence!  Yippee!!  It's like the best edition of late night talk radio ever!

One brief moment at the end of the film spoke volumes as to its goal.  Michael Ruppert, the man who enlists our attention for 80 minutes as he lays out the intricate framework of the end of the world, is poor.  The documentary even tells us that he is behind on his rent.  He lives alone.  He tells us that he finds his happiness in this life by counting the smiles he and his dog can induce in others on their evening walks.  This is his simple way of life.  This is how he deals with the burden of knowledge.

This poetic ending is meant to shape how we view the ideas offered as a whole.  Ruppert is not some car-salesman or tent-evangelist.  He believes what he preaches... and in his own way he is suffering for it.  Perhaps that's also why we see him smoking so often.  He is carrying the weight of the future on his shoulders, and he'll suffer for his cause.

Whether the portrayal of his life is accurate or not, I have no insight and shall not predict.  The images and words, do however, cause my mind to make parallels with the Apostles of Jesus.  11 of the 12 of the disciples were murdered for their cause.  Now we see that they had no physical, worldly gains to make by promoting the gospel of Christ.  Their suffering speaks to their earnestness.  

Earnest prophets are always the most foreboding.

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