Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Momentarily Definitive Coen List: #13, 12 & 11

13. The Ladykillers.

   Fellas, a remake, really?  At least they kill off most every character.  Bloodshed makes the film world go round!

12. Blood Simple.

 Well played, sirs.  Using the old, Shakespearean device of bad communication to wreak havoc on the plans of limited protagonists always works to cloud the straight-edged plot arc.

 Apparently "Blood Simple" was coined as a term that refers to "...the addled, fearful mindset people are in after committing murder." (  So, that's pretty neat.



Good stuff.  Yep.  It was funny.  I laughed.  Hmm... I guess I don't have anything to offer on this one.  Uh, look over here! Quotes!  Everybody loves a good quote-fest!

Biology and the prejudices of others conspired to keep us childless. 

And this here's the TV. Two hours a day, either educational or football, so you don't ruin your appreciation of the finer things.

This whole dream, was it wishful thinking? Was I just fleeing reality like I know I'm liable to do? But me and Ed, we can be good too. And it seemed real. It seemed like us and it seemed like, well, our home. If not Arizona, then a land not too far away. Where all parents are strong and wise and capable and all children are happy and beloved. I don't know. Maybe it was Utah.