Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Hath God Wrot?

Maybe it's time to start working on that "Mannequin Holocaust" script again...

January 2009 marked the first time I'd ever stepped foot in Koper, Slovenija.  I remember many things from my first few glimpses of the city, but one thing stood out above all else: Naked Mannequins.  Everywhere.

It seemed to be that every store front boasted at least one mannequin-au-naturale.  My eyes.  They burned images of naked limbs and eunich-esque man parts. And my skin trembled.  Why were these automatons living in such rash abandon?  Did they not care themselves at all?  And why would any store owner let their mannequins be on display in the nude?  Don't they have clothing to sell?  Who are these people?!

Mercifully, when I moved to Koper in October, I found that the myriad of nude mannequins had discovered varying levels of modesty.  Thank the Good Lord; they wore clothes.

It's now February 2010, and the mannequins have lost their clothes again.  They started undressing right after Christmas.  By mid January the whole town was torn asunder by the unabashed topless and bottomless pride of the frozen ones.

I've been told that nude mannequins represent really great sales.  The idea stems from that of, "Everything must go -- even the clothes off our mannequins!"

For perhaps the first time in my life, I'm waiting for the sales to end.

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