Sunday, May 27, 2012

In Haste: Stand By Me

As I lay down to sleep tonight, I ponder on my Fiancee, and the life I'll get to live with her -- the magic in it all. I also think about how it's already getting hard to imagine a world where I don't see her or at least hear her every day. It's such a strange thought to realize that a day is coming, and quickly, where the life I led before marriage will be a mirage, something I can't quite ever remember sufficiently. How strange that will be. The person I've so long identified myself as, Dante Stack, Christian, from California, renown breaker of printers, single; that self will no longer be myself.

What dreams may come? Yes, indeed quite so. But I'll add also, what dreams, both poisonous and worthy of remembrance, I once was, and now slowly fail to comprehend.

Yes, what dreams did come. 

1 comment:

  1. Dear whoever you might be,
    I'm still waiting patiently.