Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Haste: The Tree of Life

Do you not see it? 

Do you not feel it?

Look, and you will know. Touch, and you will feel. 

There is so much. 

Lord! A Psalm and a Lamentation: there is so much.

How can I comprehend?

There is so much.


  1. I was hoping to find more here..! Indeed, there is SO much...where does one begin.

  2. I've tried on a few occasions to write out a mega-response to the film, but it just doesn't ever quite seem right.

    But tell me, what thoughts have you on the matter, Miss Bruce? Or rather, how did the flick make you feel?

  3. Well first off I was so glad I got to see it in the theater! It made the experience that much better & allowed me to be absorbed in the what the film was taking me through.
    So I'm glad you asked about how the film made me feel...because it was very much a "feeling" kind of experience for me. The first half made me feel...small and in awe of God. I felt like I was watching the end of Job and was able to visually experience God's answer- creation is more than sufficient to answer anyone who may doubt God or question Him.
    It was a worshipful experience. It made me wonder what someone who does not believe God would think of the film or if it would impact them so deeply as it did myself.
    Beyond this I don't have any more solid thoughts at the moment...I'm still processing it. I walked out encouraged and inspired-so for the film was a total success.