Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 Seasons

To Sister Winter

  I apologize, apologize. 
  I want to promise you.
  I want to say it will end.
  The inner sanctum.
  Swept clean.
  All I can do now.
  Apologize, apologize.

 Oh I long for want.
 For the things I've done.
 For the things I've said.
 For the way I am with you.

 I want to say I am with you.
 But I must turn away.
 I can't bear the sight.
 In fuller truth now.
 I choose to turn.
 To keep one story back.

I want to promise you.
All things will be made new.
For you.
In this life.
I have not the time.

I have not the time.
To make promises I can't repeat.
To tell sweet stories that have no end.
I cannot speak what I want for you.
I have not the time.
I have not the focus.
Nor the patience. 
I can only.

Apologize, apologize.

To Sister Spring

My dearest,

You were born of hope, and bred from talent--with full cheer and charisma--you sweep me up like a distant memory made pure and pristine--truth--with you I feel I can see a thousand miles--a thousand forms of story unfolding and fluttering in the cool breeze--how can I feel anything small about you; I admit, I cannot--my emotion is set aflame, either for or against you--the direction doesn't matter--I care not where--passion always leads to the same place--doesn't it--for you embolden me and consign me to exponential flights of fancy--look--I write this so fast, see how my hand grows cramped--I sweat so much--with you I will go anywhere--everywhere with you I can fly--because you promise me that all things grow--and although under your wings I do not find peace, I am content in your smoldering embrace.

To Sister Summer
Get behind me, woman of the world; your fickleness drives me mad! 

I am so; tired!

You beg me on; urge me to continue -- I am more than willing!

You confuse me; so!

Who are you; who am I to you? 

With you; I have no answers!

Day and you are warm to me: night and you remain likewise; how can this be?

Your heat is a fog to me; enticing, erotic, yet too dense to breathe!

You say I lead; rightfully I should -- that is my position -- but I can't find my bearings!

Where are we going?

To Sister Autumn

i don't know you
not yet not really
maybe i cant in this life
i only know the stories
the feeling
passing glimmers of your radiance
you are the mystery
and the blood 
for that i reach
how long will you make me wait
wait will i ever find you wait
will you lead me to yourself
how can i unless you make yourself known to me
all the world
all the streets
all the trees
pale in form to you
they are powerful reminders the rocks and the cliffs
that they are scorched shadows shadows of your genius
oh to make it to that day wait
i will no longer doubt wait
no longer count
each phrase wait
that must pass before
before you remove the scales 
from my eyes let me see
come to me wont you
be here wont you
ache ache and ache
feel the good burn
it is but a vision a forerunner a sweet taste
of you
i seek i wait i die


  1. *This post entirely inspired by "Sister Winter" by Sufjan Stevens.

    Listen here!

  2. Lovely song... makes me cry every time, though I can't explain why.
    Lovely words.
    Excellent movie choices.

    And that's all I should say. Lovely.

  3. Ok... one more thing.
    Could they all written about the same person? I like that thought.

  4. Yes and no.

    And I must give our conversation credit for the movie choices -- the whole beauty discussion made the Beauty & Beast idea come forth quite naturally.

  5. Fair enough.

    Haha... splendid! It almost seemed full of inside references, but I didn't want to assume. Either way... It was very enjoyable as the dessert to our conversation.

  6. I do tend to refer to this blog as a journal/diary because it tends to be ripe with an internal monologue that is likely impenetrable and not of much value to anyone but myself. This post undoubtedly falls into that category.

    Nevertheless, I'm happy you enjoyed it.