Monday, March 7, 2011

VikingJesus: Who Are You?

 What I probably should have done with this last post is split it into two --- but alas, I wanted to cram a bunch of stuff into the post. HERE IT IS.

Pretty much it boils down to three building points I tried to supply evidence for:
  1. The further along we go in history, the more tools we are equipped with in our tool belt to discover truth (little t).
  2. But our own life experience (along with history's memory) tends to convince us that we, as individuals, are impotent to seek out truth.
  3. So we act out our lives without ever focusing on the major questions of our existence.
At least, my attempt was to make these points clear.

And, I used the film Amadeus as my go-to example. I use that film like an old pair of crutches. I should just be honest with it and confess, "I just can't quit you."

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