Tuesday, March 15, 2011

VikingJesus: Where and When?

This week saw (at least internally) a transition as to what the VikingJesus columns should be.

The inception of my VikingJesus column entitled "Prologue" was meant to be a sort-of engrossing intro to the topic of truth (maybe we can call it epistemology? -- I'm not sure about that, as my aims were meant to be much less philosophical than a systemized, exhaustive discussion of how truth is known/discovered), that would be somewhat quick-and-easy. This week's column is certainly not that (read it HERE).

A quick overview of my weekly column will quickly show that each week I am becoming longer winded (well - this week was about the same word-count wise as last week, but it's subject matter is less readable and more pedantic, so it feels longer).

The truth is, anything longer written than a paragraph is simply too long for introductions. People that come to the column will have to already consider themselves invested in the content if they are actually going to read through it.

The conclusion then spills out that the column is not going to attract people unless they already have a deep understanding and empathy for what I'm trying to lay out.

That's not going to happen.

So, although the mechanism isn't yet in place, I know see the column as a STAGE TWO. This would be for the person who already is interested, and can't get enough. Therefore, if it functions as informational cocaine to a new addict, it should be as long and exhaustive as I can bear to make it. The sky is the limit for length and content.

This is a bit of a tricky concept, and entirely theoretical. There are no current info-addicts, for the hook hasn't yet been devised... but there's a plan afoot!

Words on a screen won't do the job.


Another way is needed.

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  1. I hope you make your glorious return to this blog sooner rather than later...