Sunday, December 12, 2010

Desperate Search: I Am...

Part IX.a

 -- Imagine you were born yesterday --

Moments before you began, a large tablet appeared in front of you. On the tablet was 7 columns. Each column had 5 Left or Right switches. You took your time. You chose.

Column 1

L Male Female R
L Young Old R
L Beautiful Ugly R
L Short Tall R
L Slow Fast R

Column 2

L Quiet Loud R
L Excited Calm R
L Bubbly Solemn R
L Intense Mellow R
L Introverted Extroverted R

Column 3

L Witty Honest R
L Wise Forgiving R
L Diplomatic Competitive R
L Problem Solver Reliable R
L Studious Carefree R

Column 4

L Good Right R
L Smart Accepted R
L Contemplative Spontaneous R
L Brave Sexual R
L Nostalgic Skeptical R

Column 5

L Offensive Inarticulate R
L Lazy Inefficient
L Damaged Desensitized R
L Trite Selfish R
L Impersonal Aloof R

Column 6

L Undervalued Scrutinized R
L Lonely Overcrowded R
L Stressed Unsatisfied R
L Betrayed Sacrificed R
L Physically Beaten Emotionally Battered R

Column 7

L Saved Unsaved R
L Redeemed Unredeemed R
L Repentant Unrepentant R
L Predestined Self-Prepared R
L Loved R

-- Look at yourself --
Are you the person you were yesterday?


  1. I don't believe I have really understood or connected with what you were trying to get across in your past few posts. This was no different. Then I looked over it for what must have been the third or fourth time. While I still don't understand the final question,I realized the message crescendos on that last switch. Good word.

  2. Good Sir,
    I am sorry my material isn't more discernible. Much of what this blog is, is a forum for which I try to parse out my thought-life and take what appears to be undisciplined, ambiguous thoughts and mold them together into something somewhat cohesive. For me as well, I often struggle with making any internal progress when I am thinking through an abstract thought. I end up just restating my premises over and over again. So writing stuff down and connecting it to visual stimulus is a tool for me to digest thoughts a bit more exhaustively than my lazy mind is likely to do on its own.

    As for this particular post, it was birthed out of my frustration from watching the film, "I am Love". Upon my completed viewing, I found myself dumbfounded as to what the characters were experiencing, and particularly annoyed by the title which I completely didn't understand. So I went and read Roger Ebert's 4-star review of the film. He saw in it this baroque game of chess between 'tradition' and 'feeling'. This seemed to me to be a strange and perhaps false dichotomy. Why do those attributes have to be in contention with one another.

    So, I did this post as an exercise in looking at different dichotomies (both false and real). Each column was meant to be from a different perspective or trajectory, with the final column being a sort of 'God's Eye' perspective -- with the summation being that there can be no antithesis from 'loved'. It is a guarantee whether we chose left or right.

    Thanks for weighing through my stuff. Your comments are encouraging.