Monday, October 4, 2010

The Retroactive 1st Annual Celebration of the Wit and Wisdom of the Good Mister Bob Hoskins

In loving honor of the man born an atheist turned agnostic, we here at MINE would like to honor the ever swelling romance that is Bob Hoskins.  As of this September, and promptly every succeeding September forthwith that still finds a pulse within this blog, we shall do our utmost to honor the venerable thespian himself. 

To show our appreciation for the man, as well as the enigma, we have congregated a list of 11 Bob Hoskins Character Quotes.  The list has been sorted in an order for climactic tension.

Relish the man, and discover the mystery!

There's already been one radical in the White House. I don't believe it could survive another. 
J. Edgar Hoover

What you are suggesting isn't possible. That kind of thing isn't done here. Nudity? In England?
Vivian Van Damm
Mrs. Henderson Presents

I'll get you a medal for modesty, Private Williams, would you like that?
C.S.M Williams
Zulu Dawn


Like my saint of a mum used to say, "Get 'em young, and the possibilities are endless."
Unleashed/Danny the Dog

Someone oughta take out your brain and pickle it!  
Owney Madden
The Cotton Club


He's Peter Pan or I've got a dead man's dinghy.  

Come on, Luigi. You'll be talking to the mildew in the shower next. 
Mario Mario
Super Mario Bros.


Who needs a car in L.A.? We have the best public transportation system in the world. 
Eddie Valiant
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


[addressing a roomful of Soviet political officers] My name... is Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. I've come to take things in hand here. This city... is not Kursk, nor is it Kiev, nor Minsk. This city... is Stalingrad. *Stalingrad*! This city bears the name of the Boss. It's more than a city, it's a symbol. If the Germans... capture this city... the entire country will collapse. Now... I want our boys to raise their heads. I want them to act like they have *balls*! I want them to stop shitting their pants! That's your job. As political officers... I'm counting on you.
Nikita Khrushchev
Enemy at the Gates

No one's heard nothing? That just ain't natural. It's like one of them silent, deadly farts. No clue, and then pow, you go cross-eyed. 
Harold Shand
The Long Good Friday

More whimpering? Between you and Balto it's like a Dostoyevsky novel around here. Lighten up. 
Boris the Goose

Here's to the Hoskins' inside all of us!  Cheers, mate!  
And, uh, let's all lighten up, eh?

*Picture may be unrelated to quoted film.

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