Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Man 2 sees Man 1.  They are friends in the casual sense.  They walk up to one another.  Desiring to be pleasant and foster a continued relationship, Man 2 asks of Man 1,

How are you?

Man 1 slinks his left hand into his pocket.  He pulls out a small bag.

He explains that inside the bag are four stones.

3 white stones.
1 black.

When I want to ask this question of myself, I pull out a stone.  
Most of the time, a white stone appears.

Man 1 grabs a stone.  Fist clenched, he offers up his hand to his friend.

It occurs to Man 2 that he is unprepared for such an interaction as this.  He pauses, looks towards the sky, and confesses humbly, How can you judge your feelings based on the chance of rocks?

Man 1 chuckles.

The question the stones ask, my dear friend, is not whether or not I 
will be happy today, but rather, whether or not I should bother to ask.

Whatever stone is in my hand now, tomorrow it may be different.


Would you like to see which stone has been chosen today?

*Photos taken from Storm of the Century

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  1. Would you mind elaborating on this? I am lost as to it's meaning.