Thursday, May 19, 2011

Before the Dawn

On Monday we had a thing. An event. A thing we invited people who were interested to come to. An event. We held the thing in a classroom. Or maybe it was just a study room. It lasted about an hour. We had hoped (or maybe just I), that since the thing, the event itself, was being held in a university setting, the thing would attract a young skewing audience. That didn't so much happen. But it did happen; it did go through, us and those who came each. All of us together.

The line from The Dark Knight runs through my mind often, "The night is always blackest just before the dawn." I wander if that is true. Conceptually and practically. Is the night really most bleak just before dawn strikes? That doesn't seem likely. But I don't study such things. I cannot say. Is it also true, I ask, if things in general are most bleak, most insurmountable, just before the uprising, before that which was previously inconceivable becomes surmountable? Is that true?

For Jesus and the greatest story ever formed, it seems like it is true. And if that is true of our Lord's story, then perhaps He has fabricated the world to pivot on such an axis as that. Perhaps.

No matter the case, the dawn and dark analogy is too murky for me to comprehend well...

At the thing on Monday, the event, a elderly woman's phone rang. Like so many other similar public occasions, the kind lady was full of embarrassment while she scratched through her purse desperately to put a quick end to the repeating annoyance. The funny thing was, that as she unburied the phone, as she brought it out from the cavernous depth's of a woman's purse, the noise got louder. At the same time, of course, as the noise got louder, the expectation was that the noise would cease all the sooner. I learned there and then that cell phones are loudest just before they are turned off.


I feel like it's been awhile since I have been enraptured by a profound thought. At this moment I am of the mood to seek out and interact with such things. I've stumbled over a few prospects, but nothing seems to be hitting as of yet. As of yet...

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